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In accordance with the Decree of 30 June 2003 n. 196 regarding the Processing of Personal Data

Collection of personal data

This application collects some personal data of users of the website

Data Controller

Associazione Val D’Orba- Registered Corso Saracco 251 - 15076 – Ovada (AL) - Italy

Type of data collected

The application collects directly or via third-party Cookie and usage data. If the application collect other data (freely entered by the user or not) in different areas of the site will be available in that specific section related information. The website in the eventual use of cookies either directly or through third parties shall be used in order to provide the service and to record the user's preferences.

The User has the right to block the use of certain Personal Information with the risk of causing the incorrect operation of the application. It is further true that the user has the responsibility of Personal Data published and guarantees the right to use, relieving the owner from any and all liability to third parties.

Treatment modalities

The Personal Data are processed in accordance with appropriate security measures that prevent the removal, modification or cancellation. The treatment, as required by current legal requirements, is carried out by means of tools based on the purpose of use. Remember that access to the data could also be made by officers of the owner, whether internal staff that service providers that the holder may appoint as data processors. The list of those responsible may be required at any time to the Owner.

Place of treatment

The location of the treatment is represented by the locations of the owner and any other place where the parties are located. For any information about that the user is asked to contact the owner.

Timing of Treatment

The Data are kept for the time necessary to perform the requested service or on the basis of the provisions of the document. You can ask the interruption of treatment or the cancellation of the data at any time.

The use of the data collected

The User Data is collected to enable the provision of services by the Owner and for the purposes of: Interaction with external social networks and platforms, statistics and display content from external platforms.

Defense Findings

The data collected will be used in defense, by the owner, both at the trial stage than in the prior stages of the same incardinated in order to demonstrate the incorrect use of the services offered. It is further true that the holder may be required to provide the above information by public authorities.

System log

In order for the correct operation, this application and the third-party service may collect log files that may contain Personal Data.

Additional information

If you wish, you may request additional information to the Holder is not present in this policy.

Exercise of rights

Users who have provided Personal Information may exercise your rights at any time. It is the right to know the existence of their data from the Owner, to know its content and accuracy, ask for deletion or frasformazione anonymous or even correction, etc. Please note that each request must be addressed to the Owner at the email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

This application does not support requests "Do Not Track".

Changes to this document

The Data Controller may at any time make changes to this by communicating with users. Anyone not acceptable to the amendment shall cease use of the site and ask for the cancellation of their data. The previous policy will continue to apply to personal information collected until then.


Personal data

Is information that identifies or make identifiable natural person and who can provide details about its characteristics, its habits, its way of life, his relationships, his health, his economic situation, etc ..

Particularly important are:

    identification data: those that allow direct identification, such as personal data (eg name and surname), pictures, etc .;
    sensitive data: those that can reveal racial and ethnic, religious, philosophical or other beliefs, political opinions, membership of parties, unions, associations or organizations of religious, philosophical, political or trade union, the state of health and sex life; judicial data: those that can reveal the existence of certain judicial orders subject to registration in the court records (for example, the penal provisions of the final sentence, conditional release, the prohibition or obligation to stay, the alternatives to detention) or as an accused or a suspect.

With the evolution of new technologies, other personal information have taken on a significant role, such as those relating to electronic communications (via the Internet or telephone) and those which enable the geolocation, providing information on places frequented and traveling.


It is the natural person to whom the personal data. So if a treatment concerns, for example, address, social security number, etc. Mario Rossi, this person is the "person concerned" (Article 4, paragraph 1, letter i) of the Code).


is the natural person, a company, public or private, association, etc., having decision-making about the purposes and methods of treatment, as well as on the instruments used (Article 4, paragraph 1, letter f) of the Code).


is the individual, society, public or private, association or body to whom the owner trusts, also outside of its organizational structure, specific and defined tasks of management and control of data processing (Article 4, paragraph 1, letter g) of the Code). The designation of the controller is optional (Article 29 of the Code).


It is the natural person who, on behalf of the owner, processes or uses personal data physically on the basis of instructions received from the owner and / or manager (article 4, paragraph 1, letter h) of the Code).

Usage Data

Are personal data collected automatically by the Application or by third-party applications that use the same application and usage details.


The user of the present application


The instrument hardware or software collection of user data


This privacy information is compiled in compliance with the obligations under Art. 10 of the Directive n. 95/46 / EC and Directive 2002/58 / EC, as updated by Directive 2009/136 / EC, with regard to Cookies.

Information on the use of Cookie (Cookie Policy) on the site

In compliance with Legislative Decrees 69/2012 and 70/2012 (Cookie Law)


Cookies are pieces of code, installed in the browser, which have as main function facilitating user navigation. As provided by the European Cookie Law some purposes of use may require a consent from the user.

Cookie Technical and statistical type of aggregate

The website the end of its narrow function uses Session Cookies User. The website also uses cookies to save preferences navigation and optimization in order to improve the user experience.

Other types of cookies or third-party tools that might make use

The application uses the services for which the consent may not be required or which may be managed by the Owner in directly. Some instruments used, by contrast, are operated by third parties that may, over and above what is required by this information and the knowledge of the owner, run the tracing User. In this regard it is essential to consult directly the policy of the service providers, as explained below.

Connection with social networks

The platform uses interconnection services with social networks (such as, but not limited sharing on Facebook), that are subject to the settings on privacy septate user directly in each company. In the event that these services are installed the same can collect traffic data from the user even if it does not use them.

Facebook Social Widgets

The Facebook Social Widgets are owned and interconnection services provided by Facebook Inc. and cookies that collect usage data. The data is processed in the US. In order to manage the consensus is recommended to view the following link to the privacy policy of the provider: Facebook Privacy Policy

Cookies Statistics

This type of cookie is used to analyze the flow of traffic on the website and trace, therefore your behavior internally. The platform under this policy uses the Google Analytics service provided by Google Inc., which analyzes the use of the site in order not only the mere analysis of the behavior but also the possible use in service owned by Google Inc. (such example personalization of advertisements). The data is processed in the US and, in order to manage the consensus is recommended to view the following link to the privacy policy of the provider: Google Privacy Policy Google Analytics Opt Out

Cookies belonging to external applications

The application allows you to view content hosted on external platforms. It 'possible that Members who do not use the service can be tracked, with the collection of traffic data, not from itself but directly from the pages in which it is installed.

Google Maps Widget

Google Maps widget is a service to display maps of the property and provided by Google Inc. that allows the display and interaction of content within the pages of the website referred to in this policy. The data is processed in the US. In order to manage the consensus is recommended to view the following link to the privacy policy of the provider: Google Privacy Policy

Youtube Widgets

Youtube widget is a service of displaying video owned and provided by Google Inc. that allows the display and interaction of content within the pages of the website referred to in this policy. The data is processed in the US. In order to manage the consensus is recommended to view the following link to the privacy policy of the provider: Google Privacy Policy

Control and management of Cookies by the User

The user has the ability to manage his or her consent in addition to the foregoing, including by setting preferences of your browser. Through this system it is possible to prevent the use of third-party cookies. The browser also allows user to delete cookies installed although it must be stressed that not allowing the exercise of the same, the browsing experience could be prejudiced.

Here are the useful pages in order to proceed with the management of cookies within the main browser:

Whereas the installation of tracking cookies through third party service can not be controlled by the Owner and that the information in this regard in this document are for guidance, the user is invited to express its refusal also through policy the third parties through links or through opt Your Online Choices , a service that allows you to manage the preferences of the majority of advertising services.