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The material  that form the Archive of Italian Gold Historical Museum interest the gold mineral in its various aspects, the metal ores that generally accompany it in the natural deposits and mining activities that interested them, with particular regard to Italy. The “encroachments” sometimes only apparent sometimes substantial, are due to many curator interests more or less linked to the specific research, and , in few cases, to the casualty of the acquisition. They, infact, were collected by Author (G. Pipino), during his fifty activities of historical and explorative research, in Italy and aboard, and preserve with cares to have at hand, with a specific biography collection, useful reference  and comparison points for their studies.

Given end, for simplify the research, become necessary specific catalogue, unavoidable are the update following the work of acquisition. A first catalogue-inventory of library and archive was published in 2004, while in 2009 was published  a specific catalogue of library, more than doubled in comparison to the previous, so became necessary an upgrade new editions , accordingly not indifferent amount of  sales. About archive, a specific cathalogue   was pubbilshed in 2014: the added material are not so much ,but sometimes are really very impressive.

The Material is heterogeneous and is group by subject and geographic areas, the aim was be holding as much as would help to deepen local research, were collected documents and original publications, as much as possible, but also photocopies in another libraries and archives, even not Italian. The original documents are anyway abundant and, given uniqueness, was suitably underline in the text. The majority of their speak about Piedmont and Aosta Valley, our classic golden region, and Liguria, the region interested by the early exploration activity of author; particular interest are also Southern Tuscany and Sardinia, regions discoveries auriferous in consequence of his activity.

There are also considered another Italian region, for which they have been search and collect all available information, so too the most important auriferous areas in various part of the World.

As previously said, the original material, more ancient or newer, have been found on antiques market or were bought by exchange and donations. Particular importance was the donations of Renè Bruck, Guglielmo Rebora, Maurizio Stupini and, in particular, of Franco Meliconi from Grosseto, who recovery part of RiMin, archive of Follonica, next the dissolution of state-owned company caused by the “Tangentopoli”crisis and reopened investigation “Mani Pulite” (2003). There is just to add, compared to the previous material, amount of material “Savonese”, donated by Trinchero family heir of comm. Bartolomeo Accornero. 

Complete archive in PDF. logopdf